Sunday, May 18, 2014

Lunch with Disney Junior

After several attempts, we finally got a reservation for Disney Junior Play 'n Dine. It was the very last thing we did before heading home.

(Sean wouldn't stand still for this picture, lol)

When they seated us they said it would take an hour and a half to see everyone. The first character wandered by about two minutes later. We actually managed to see everyone twice!

They loved Sophia.

Sean was more impressed with his food than Handy Manny.

The Doc is in!

My phone wouldn't take a picture the first time Jake came by. I would have had amazing shots, but the touch screen was acting up and I had to restart it all. I was so disappointed! This was the one they were most excited about. The pictures the second time were blurry.

They called all the kids over for a little dance and our two were all about it. 

They were tired and in need of a nap, but they had a blast! 

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