Sunday, August 25, 2013

Look Who's Two

I have about half a dozen things I should be doing, but Sean is asleep and the Irishman and Caitlin are grocery shopping. I miss blogging. My mom mentioned that my failure to update my "about me" section was really bothering one of my favorite people, so I made it my goal to fix that this weekend. 

I also decided that Sean was due a second birthday post. It might be almost a month late, but he's worth the wait. 

August 1st was a day of fun for the little guy.

Grammy sent him the bubble lawn mower. Our kids are usually very good at sharing. The lawn mower is the exception. Sean will not let anyone else touch the thing!

The Irishman and I found these cardboard blocks on clearance. I remembered spending hours playing with similar blocks as a kid. 

So far we've made a sofa, a house, a tower, a road, and more!

There was also a fair bit of soccer and LFC for the day. Caitlin *might* have claimed one of his Liverpool kits for herself. She's a big fan!

For lunch we met Daddy at Duffy's for a birthday treat.

During rest time (the nice way of saying no one napped and they are now cranky) the wagon from my dad arrived. Sean had seen this wagon at the zoo a couple weeks earlier. The boy had MAJOR wagon envy.  He stood for about 10 minutes just watching two little boys in the wagon. He is thrilled to have one of his own!

Sean and Caitlin ate birthday pizza in the wagon on the way to the pool. They loved the meal on the go! Early the next morning Sean was up and ready to mow the lawn. 

Our little guy is growing up so fast! He is at the top of the growth charts. He is talking in two word sentences and lets you know what he thinks. He loves Caillou and books. He has finally moved on from bottles of milk, but he is now equally fond of his sippy cup of juice. (He also calls water juice.) We spent $17 last week in yogurt and yogurt drinks.

He has a great throwing arm. At Christmas he managed to get a bread roll into my uncle's soup bowl. Unfortunately his favorite thing to throw is his shoe. We're still working on that!

I asked Caitlin what her brother's favorite things are and she said, "Copying me." She's not too far off! He loves to do anything his big sister does. He also has a sense of humor and loves to pretend to sleep, complete with a fake snore and a grin on his face.

We love our Seanie!

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