Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Characters: Part One

Summer camp is over, so I am finally getting around to our Disney pictures. I tried a new photo editing program and then went back to my old favorite. Most of these pictures are from my dad's camera. 

As with our last visit, Caitlin's favorite part of Disney was the characters. Daisy has remained #1 in her book. We found her back by the new and improved Dumbo right in a circus themed tent. Our first day was in the middle of a tropical storm. A nice dry spot to see some of the kids' favorite friends was a great break from the rain!

Most of the time Sean kept his spot in my arms. He didn't mind seeing the characters, but he wasn't ready to walk up to them on his own. Goofy was one of the few exceptions. Not sure what is was about the giant dog that Sean found to be less threatening...

Now that my summer vacation has started and I have uploaded all the pictures I should be blogging a little more regularly. = )

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Meredith & Brett Hagedorn said...

Jenny- I always follow your blog, but you've got me even more peeked with your Disney trip & now that I saw you stayed at Art or Animation i would love any thoughts you have on that resort. We booked our disney trip for December at that resort!!! Can't wait!! We're surprising the kids!!